Women and womens shoes

Womens shoes are the holy grail to some women. Trying passing womens shoe sales with most women and you will have a fight on your hands trying not to go in. The cliché that women try on a 100 womens shoe and then choose the very first one is quite true but we love the feel of them, the smell of them and the way they make our legs look amazing.

Womens shoe designs

A womens shoe collection may contain one of everything- sexy kitten heels, comfortable boots, killer high heels , sensible work wear… we love them all. We will however, reserve the right to purchase shoes we adore but have no intention of ever wearing. These will take pride of place in our wardrobe where we will caress them, sniff them and stroke them on a regular basis.

They may or may not be worn around the bedroom, but they will be works of art. Women can appreciate the finest detail or choice of stitching that make up the most fabulous shoe in the world. To own a piece of art is a priceless feeling that will delight us for years to come

Trying to get the right womens shoe size

We all know the frustration with buying shoes. We will have walked up and down a couple of times in the shop like a lunatic, probably with some strange security tag flapping on the side, and then proclaimed they fit fine. However when you get home and try bending, twisting or running up and down stairs, you may come to realise you have the wrong womens shoe size. This would be made easier if a womens shoe size 8 was the same in one shop as another but, like clothes, this is not the case.


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