Buying the correct sports shoes

Sports shoes may all look similar but they have very different designs depending on their intended use. Buying shoes on line may be cheaper and more convenient, but trying on a sports shoe is completely underestimated.

Different types of sports shoes

Sports shoes come in lots of guises. Walk into any sports shop and you will see rows and rows of sports shoe. Trying to decide which to buy may come down to budget or preferred colour but the actual design of the shoe is relative to the sport you will be playing.

Buying running shoes

Running shoes are made for running. Simple. If you are jogging then you will need a different type of sports shoe. The way your foot falls in jogging differs from running and so running shoes will not be the best option. Jogging is a high impact sport and you will need a well cushioned shoe to support each step you take.

Running shoes will have cushioning and support in different areas of the foot and there are some designs that have anti blister type designs to prevent sporting injuries. In triathlons, due to the speed of transitions between sports, a flimsy, lightweight running shoe is needed that can be put on in seconds.

Buying shoes on line

Purchasing shoes on line can be much more convenient for a shopper. If you are an awkward size, going from shoe to shop looking for the right one can become frustrating and time consuming. With on line shopping, you can locate the correct size in no time at all.

However buying a sports shoe is not all about getting the right size. Check the product description to make sure the shoe is right for you. Look at the size chart – some on line shops may be using European sizes or American sizes which differ to UK sizes. Some brands may suggest you buy a whole size bigger than normal so read up and make sure.


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