Choosing mens shoes

Most men will find it difficult to purchase women shoes. However women the world over buy mens shoes and they quite happily accept them and say great. It may be because there is no enough variety with mens shoes for women to get it wrong. Mens shoe shops do not have a wide range of shoes available and in most cases a size 10 is the same fit in every shop. If a man needs some black mens shoes for work, you may be lucky to find 5 designs and trying to find the right size of mens shoe may reduce this choice even more.

Types of mens shoes

Mens shoe shops will have trainers, work boots, steel toe capped boots and a few black mens shoes. That is pretty much the extent of choice available for men. However that covers most uses of shoes for men – work, play and formal occasions. Flip flops, sandals and slippers are also available for men.

Popularity of black mens shoes

Black mens shoes have always been the most popular mens shoes. Over the years, designers have tried to experiment with the world of mens dress shoes. However there has not been enough impact to change the face of mens dress shoes. You can purchase brown mens dress shoes or black, but you will struggle to find red, purple or green shoes as an alternative. Manufactures stick to the tried and tested design of past years.

Future of mens dress shoes

Designers will keep trying to push the boundaries of what men accept as footwear possibilities. If a celebrity such as David Beckham was to be seen in a pink mens high heel, we may see a surge of men copying his style, but until that day the black dress shoe rules supreme.


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