Buying discount shoes

Discount shoes do not have to mean bad quality! Overstock in some shops can mean they offer big reductions to recoup costs. Other shops can offer low prices on shoes as they buy in bulk. Other reasons for discount shoes can be unpopular sizes that cannot be sold for normal prices.

Where to buy discount shoes?

Shoes are available everywhere- all major supermarkets now sell shoes and clothing, as well as discounted electrical and technological items! Going to buy 4 pints of milk has never been so exciting. Online retailers are widely available and the beauty of being able to browse for your size in shoes without spending hours trawling the shops is immeasurable! A lot of overstock ends up online where retailers buy a large amount of shoes or purchase undefined pallets of shoes.

Overstock of men shoes

Children’s sizes are normally great sellers. As children’s feet grow, there are not usually sizes that cannot be sold. At some stage, your child’s feet will pass through every size on the chart. As adults our feet stop growing so there are sizes in men shoes and womens shoes that are not as popular.

MenS shoes and fashion

It is fair to say that fashion affects women’s shoes in a much greater way than mens. With each new fashion collection released, there is a different style, colour or design offered for women’s shoes. Mens shoes have had little change over the years.

Winkle pickers aside, most mens shoes from 20 years ago would still be wearable today. Loafers, court shoes and cowboy boots have all stood the test of time. Mens trainers have seen the biggest design changes with experimentation of colours and patterns. Brand named trainers have not challenged the market too much, preferring to stick with popular styles.


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